The company

In 2011 Asiga launched the world’s first LED based DLP 3D printer and started the affordable desktop stereolithography revolution which changed digital manufacturing forever.

Asiga won the MJSA’s 2012 Thinking Ahead award for best new technology and gained international recognition for the innovations contained within the Pico and Pro platforms that continue to lead their respective categories to this day.

Asiga designs and manufactures all products at our headquarters in Sydney, Australia. Our in-house mechanical, electronics, software and materials team ensures our continued innovation and product improvement.

Asiga 3D printers

MAX series

Repeatable precision, SPS technology, speed

Pro2 series

Large format floor-standing 3D printers

Packed with Features


Software Applications

Building your world one layer at a time

We develop intuitive software packages for our 3D printers and also for STL & SLC data handling. Learn more about our world class software solutions below.


Composer is the software interface to all our 3D Printers. Powerful, intuitive and free.

Asiga Composer is an intuitive, automatic STL & SLC support and build preparation package. Based on our novel optimal support algorithm, parts are supported automatically only where absolutely required by the part geometry. This makes job setup and post-processing a breeze.

File Formats

With Composer you can include any STL, SLC and Stomp files in the same build. This saves users from having to convert files from one type to another. Projects can be saved as a lightweight “Asiga Composer Build” (.combld) or complete export into a ZIP file.

Composer’s automatic part placement tool handles efficient placement of both STL & SLC files based on part contours. This maximises your available build area utilization. You can manage your work-flow by preparing more than one print at the same time and switch between platforms which are conveniently tabbed at the top of your screen.

Composer is a cross platform desktop software supporting Windows, Macintosh and Linux. It is included free with every system with an unlimited seats license for use throughout your office or campus.

System Requirements


Processor 2.4 GHz multi-core
Memory 4 GB
Graphic 256 MB, OpenGL 2.0 or later support
Mouse 3-button mouse with scroll wheel
Network Required for printing
Storage 1 GB free

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