Our Vision

Technology is the present and the future. And as we can all notice, Things which has been technologized, has performed better. That’s why we, Kenana’s team, think that people in Egypt and the Middle East’s future can be better by being provided with the latest technologies that the world has been invented and used in the different fields.

Technology is what we consider the most important key for a brightening future for humans, to use technology in their work, and gain the great benefit of this by focusing their efforts on tasks that need the human’s creativity.

Kenana works on providing the MENA region by the latest technology in the educational and industrial fields. And this is our vision:  To be a part of your future, and to shape it with you!

Our Mission

Kenana’s team is working on delivering the value of using the latest technology in the educational and industrial fields to the Egyptian and Middle Eastern markets.

Our work is focused on providing the different industries with our products, consultancies, training and solutions.

We support work for our customers in the following fields:

  • Metal Industries.
  • Jewelry Industry.
  • Dental Industry.
  • Oil, Gas, Chemical & Petrochemical industries.
  • Automotive and railways industry.
  • Industrial Engineering Consulting Companies.
  • Mechanical Design Offices.
  • R & D Offices.
  • Maker Spaces.
  • Health Care Organizations.

Our Team

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Essam Hamdy
Essam Hamdy
Sales Specialist
Hossam Hamdy
Hossam Hamdy
Product Manager Industrial Equipment
Sameh Ali
Sameh Ali
Technical Consultant
Ahmed Baghdady
Ahmed Baghdady
Chairman & Founder