Kenana is one of the pioneer companies who started to support customers with the best 3D printing technologies in Egypt and the Middle East. It did not stop there. We continued and supplied a Great number of 3D Printers for the Egyptian market, for large, medium, small businesses, Universities and Entrepreneurs.

So, whether you are looking for pushing your business miles forward, developing the way you make things or even starting your own business, you should think about contacting us.

Kenana has a wide range of 3D Printers, Materials, Design software and Scanners, serving different applications.

All of Kenana’s products are delivered by specialized engineers who usually also continue with you as a technical support team after installing your printer and training you to be able to use it appropriately and professionally.

Feel free to contact us for any enquires.

Our Brands

Our brands are chosen to support all categories of customers, according to their application, desired quality and budgeting strategies.



3D Scanner 



3D Design