CMM Measurement Software

Revolutionary, industry standard, easy to use 3D measurement software and CAD modules.


Aberlink 3D

Easy to use 3D measurement software ideal for either occasional users or
Full time inspection and quality professionals.

CAD Comparison Module

  • Enhances Aberlink 3Dwith the capability to compare measured points to a CAD model.
  • Aberlink’s CAD comparison module allows the input of either STEP or IGES files as standard and allows reports to be exported as an Excel spreadsheet. It really does make measuring complex parts easy, whether on a manual or CNC CMM.

Programming from CAD Module

Work with IGES or STEP CAD models to create measurement programmers away from the CMM before you’ve even got the component.

Feature Predict works in the same way as when measuring, for instance, if you click in four places on the same plane on the model, then the software will automatically create a Plane Measure unit with those four points in it. Then click on a different feature and it will automatically close the Plane window and look for another feature. If you click on a circular feature it will take just one click to produce a circle or two for a cylinder. Suddenly programming in Aberlink 3D just got even easier!

Vision Module

Measure geometric and complex shapes easily, features, scan profiles and inspect threads using high-accuracy edge detection and high-speed optical scanning. Simulate crosshairs and overlays, and control the camera and light settings, all from within the software.