Whether you are a mechanical engineer working in a foundry, a student or a researcher interested to learn and use the latest technology in Casting Process Improvement, you are here in the right place!

Kenana has:

  • 1. Gating System Design software.

CAST-DESIGNER Basic is an efficient and flexible design tool to develop gating system for die casting in very short time. CAST-DESIGNER can quickly convert a gating system design idea to 3D CAD model for design evaluation. The unique smart parametric design concept of CAST-DESIGNER enables user to modify parameter e.g. gate width, draft angle; runner etc. at any stage of design and accordingly 3D CAD model will change automatically. It is possible to create the complete gating system including inner gates, gate runners, runners, overflows as well as cooling and venting systems within ten minutes to half an hour for a typical.

  • 2. Casting Simulation Software.

The simulation result of Cast-Designer also could be exported to other CAE system for a full chain simulation. For example, the porosity and residual stress result of casting process could be exported to other structure analysis software for part performance analysis or life time simulation.

Cast-Designer can export the following results:

  • Temperature distribution in any time
  • Porosity result after the solidification
  • Stress and strain result after the solidification and cooling
  • Filling factor during the filling process

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