Mega 3D printer

Mega 3D Printer is a DLP Projector 3D Printer specially designed for large production of high quality jewelry. It has very fast printing speed, high accuracy and proven long term stability for mass production.

  • Extremely fast speed designed for jewelry production
  • Large production capacity
  • High details and accuracy
  • Over 99.9% print success ratio and efficiency
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • Projector warranty of 20,000 hours of printing
  • Perfect stick technology that does not require extra base

Combine very fast production with high resolution and accuracy!


 Build volume:

133×75×114 mm

XY Dimensional accuracy:

+- 0.03 mm


Fast DLP

Z Layer Thickness:

Standard at 50 micron micron (25 and 35 micron optional)


60 mm/hour at 50 micron

Fastest DLP 3D Printer

Big Capacity

Our solution provides you with a very big daily production capacity. You can see the production capacity of 1 Mega 3d printer working 10 hours. This gives you an estimate of 21k daily gold production per machine.

With the large build plate and high height, you can also print using the multi-layer technique by adding parts vertically. Here we have printed 28 bangles at once optimizing the vertical space.


Daily Production Capacity

Light Production


Produce Extreme Filigree

Mega 3D Printer offers very high resolution and thanks to the the physical properties of our PowerCast resin, you can easily manufacture extreme filigree with strings up to 0.15 mm thickness.

High Detail & Accuracy

Achieve very high details and accuracy even at 50 microns layers.


Set Stones Directly

With the high quality of print on our Mega 3D Printer, you able to easily set stones directly on printed resin parts and cast with stones as well.


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