The company

OMaker, specialized in developing and producing professional dental SLA 3D printers and materials, is dedicated to the propaganda of digitalization in dentistry.

As in-hospital fabrication of anatomical models and treatment instruments are becoming necessary concerning time and cost saved, OMaker offers comprehensive and customized solutions for medical institutions to go digital and turn physicians’ ideas into practical applications.

Printer Specification

Machine Size: L350*W300*H510mm
Net Weight: 15KG
Voltage: 110V-220V
Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 10
File format: STL
Material: 405nm photosensitive resin
Standard Accessories:1kg resin / 1 resin tank / OMaker software / finishing kit / tool kit
Technology: SLA (Stereolithography)
Print Area: L130*W130*H180mm
XY-axis Resolution: 0.01mm
Thickness Accuracy(Z-axis): 0.025mm, 0.05mm, 0.1mm
Laser Spot(FWHM): 0.1mm
Design and Manufacture in Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Certification: CE Marking (Audit by TUV Rheinland) / FCC

Printer Features

High Precision Laser 3D Printing Technology

Laser-based SLA reflects laser through galvanometers and calculates coordinates path from point to line precisely to form model by layers.

Spec Beyond Industry Standard

  • Exceed industry standard in XY resolution.
  • Diverse resin library to meet needs of various fields.
  • Absolute accuracy from inside out.
  • Achieve high precision and performance for digitalisation.

Omaker in dentistry

Accuracy in dental model is always demanding. Any deviation will make patients feel uncomfortable in occlusion. OMaker OMR-05 Coral Tan Resin can print dental model and die in high accuracy. Teeth gap is also even more obvious to observe. Compared to traditional process, 3D printed dental model can improve accuracy and reduce risk in orthodontics, implant, orthognathic surgery, and so on.
Besides, it can be extended to a wider range of dental applications, such as mild orthodontic treatment, digital implant, temporary dentures, splint, bleaching splint, etc. Dental digitization can enhance patients’ overall comfort:

1. Orthodontics
Less waiting time to make patients wear clear aligner in shorter time.

2. Implant
Shorten operation time, reduce postoperative swelling discomfort, speed up postoperative recovery, and create a win-win relationship between doctor and patient.

Clear Aligner

Tailor-made treatment planning.

Invisible and beautiful.

Reduce discomfort in the corrective process.

Easy to clean.

Dental Model

Accurately present the tooth model.

Assist with orthodontic, dental implants and all kinds of dental sets made.

Surgical Guide

It can assist implant position, improve accuracy, reduce risk and promote overall patient comfort.

Temporary denture

Digital design dentures for improved aesthetics and occlusal comfort.