The most advanced CAD for Jewelry

The most advanced tools to create custom jewelry make RhinoGold the best choice for jewelry professionals

RhinoGold dramatically improves the most important aspects of the RhinoGold experience. It introduces advanced new Decorative and Time-Saving tools.

A right Interface for Jewelry CAD together with the ease of its tools, make RhinoGold the right way-to-go.

CAD: The Process

With its easy interface and fast editing tools, CAD is a must-have tool for all jewelers. The world markets are changing. Branding, good design, high-quality, low margins, fast turn-around times, and great service are just a few of the challenges that manufacturers and retailers face today. CAD offers the benefits of cost effective, custom products without the impracticality of a large inventory.

1. Image

Sketch your masterpiece on paper, or begin your design directly in the software. Soon it will be a 3D object!

2. Create 3D

Create your model quickly, easily, and comfortably!

3. Manufacture & Sell

Manufacturing outputs are available right inside the software! Send your CAD file to manufacturing or render a beautiful photo to market to your customers!

With RhinoGold 6, your jewelry design workflow gets more

- Decorative Features -

Dynamic Pattern

The ideal tool to decorate your design by creating 3D patterns from an extensive 2D library. Easily apply on a surface your preferred pattern and customize it to build a pipe, rope or milgrain. Give your model an Eastern touch!

Azure Cutter

The lifesaver! Get the Professional looking finish to your piece, creating the azure cut out on the back of your jewelry! Benefit from the Cutting Azures tool!


This new tool allow you to create advanced ropes along a curve. Explore new ways to create astonishing ornaments and reinvent your creations.

Dynamic Tiling

Thanks to an extensive library and the possibility to add your personal motifs, build your one-of-a-kind model. From modern to vintage, contemporaneous or classic, this improved tool is ideal for under-galleries and advanced texturing.

- CLAYOO Toolbar -

Create high-quality sculpted, embossed and brushed models. The next generation of plugins for Rhino starts with Clayoo, an innovative solution to freeform modeling.

Application on clayoo tools in jewelry modeling:

Reverse Engineering (Import scan data or STL files)

Clayoo makes reverse engineering possible with advanced tools, such as Retopology, which allows you to create surfaces over digitized objects easily, then allows you to convert the result to a NURBS surface.

- Rhinogold Elements -

In just three steps you can:

1. Choose from a large selection of jewelry components. – 2. Easily combine and edit them to suit your needs. – 3. Provide your customer with the perfect design.

· Thousands of Ready Made, Editable Designs

Browse from a large selection of jewelry components and edit them to fit your customer´s needs. Search for Solitaires, Bands, Three-Stone Rings, Eternity Bands, Shanks, Bezels, Heads, Clusters, Halos, Earrings, Bracelets, Pendants and more!

· No Computer Skills Required

RhinoGold is ideal for retailers with and without CAD experience! Create beautiful, custom jewelry in your store in just minutes!